Sierra Rocks Art is dedicated to bringing you beautiful gemstone jewellery and gifts, customised to your style.

Handmade Jewellery

What makes Sierra Rocks Art unique?

We present the best collection of handmade wedding jewellery & customised jeweller possible with our mission in mind. Our mission is to raise awareness be unique and have the best customer service possible. We go our way out to make sure the jewellery fits your style and is exactly what you need. We support individual designers who are specialists in handmade jewellery & wedding jewellery but more importantly understand our mission to create customised style statements.   

Each piece of Sierra Rocks Art is uniquely handmade. If you order Sierra Rocks Art Jewellery from us we will supply a similar looking piece to the photographed piece but it will vary slightly in colour, bead shape, pattern etc. Unfortunately we are unable to supply images of the actual pieces in stock.

Drop by our studio today – it’s a creative playground for lovers of colour, quality and individual expression!